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Please select from one of the following contacts:

Jim Baldis, Director of Training (
For all matters concerning training, regional fire school.

Jim Baldis, President (

Jenifer Calafiore, Secretary (
For all correspondence and items for the Hartford County Hoseline.

Richard G. Nichols, Treasurer (
For all bills, requests for donations, etc.

Rick Peruta, Chairperson of the County Coordinators (
For all matters pertaining to the County Coordinators

Stephan D. Brown, Sr., Communicaitons Director (
For all matters concerning radios and county frequencies

Chaplain (

Board of Directors (
You may send an email to the Board of Directors for any matter that does not pertain to a specific person listed above.

Site Administrator (
For all matters concerning the operation of this web site.


Treasurer's Mailing Address

Hartford County Fire Emergency Plan
P.O. Box 447
Plainville, CT 06062